Mahjong in Chinese Culture and Society

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The reason why Mahjong has returned to the attention of Chinese people and people around the world. Including Thai people again,  because of the issue of  ” the beginning of the epidemic of Delta species of covids from Nanjing city to a city that is about 100 kilometers away , such as Yangzhou City from infected 0 to hundreds in a few days. ”

The subject of the story is A 64 – year -old Chinese aunt traveled from Nanjing to Yangzhou. The moment when the Delta covid transmission was found in Nanjing. When he arrived in Yangzhou, he refused to detain himself. But went to join the circle, which is a hobby that the elderly in China like to do. Until spreading throughout The elderly in the city are infected with coronavirus. Accounting for almost 70% of all infected people. and more reinforcing the beginning of the spread of the playing cards online from UFABET . Also when Chinese authorities reveal 64% of new cases in Yangzhou from mahjong band

If overlooking the issue of the spread of COVID One question arose in my mind. And I believe that it happened in the mind of the reader as well that…

“ Why Mahjong Band ?”  

“ How important is Mahjong to Chinese society and culture? Especially among the elderly ?”  

“ In the view of the new generation How do you look at Mahjong ? ”  

Mahjong in Chinese Culture and Society

Playing Mahjong has been a traditional Chinese culture since ancient times. Some texts and legends say that mahjong originated in China some three to four thousand years ago. but is limited to the royal palace only If searching for evidence of Chinese history will find evidence about real  in the late 18th century and boom in the 19th century